L’Association des intervenants en dépendance du Québec (AIDQ)

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Promoting AIDQ's role as a catalyst in the world of addiction in Quebec


Positioning and organizational values
Brand image
Website and communications tools
Database management

Riposte teamed up with AIDQ to help define its positioning, values and brand discourse. The aim was to orient the organization's communications in line with its aspirations and the catalytic role AIDQ plays in co-constructing the future of addiction-related intervention practices with its members and partners.


To ensure that it captured the organization's DNA, Riposte consulted with AIDQ's stakeholders to recommend a powerful positioning and unifying organizational values, in line with the organization's ambitions and business objectives.


Riposte then created a distinctive, modern and inspiring new brand image to reflect AIDQ's impact and its ability to rally its community around the major issues it defends. A new website was also on the menu to showcase AIDQ’s revitalized image and to integrate a sustainable technological solution. Thanks to the Yapla solution, AIDQ is able to automate the management of various member data, as well as donations and events.

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