Let’s start planning 2023

C’est le temps de planifier 2023
The frantic sprint to the holidays has begun at Riposte! For the last few weeks now, we have been planning end-of-year campaigns and focusing on projects to be launched next January. We are also helping NPO managers in their digital strategy review, and the planning of actions to be deployed and budgets to be anticipated for 2023.

And you, where are you in your 2023 planning? October is the ideal time to take stock and confirm if the digital initiatives undertaken during the year are still aligned with the organization's strategic plan.

Do you already have a digital presence strategy in place?

If you have already integrated a digital presence strategy into your operations, congratulations! This means that you have access to critical data to validate the impact of your digital initiatives on your mission. You are able to link your investments to the increase of your sales, your notoriety, the engagement of your members and your gains in terms of productivity.

This puts you in a strong position to do informed budget planning and ensure continuity of your strategy. You'll know which digital initiatives to pursue or scale up and which ones to modify or abandon altogether. To help in your planning, we have provided a few ideas for you to consider.

Consolidate the link between your digital strategy and your internal processes

Your various digital channels have brought new visibility to your organization and its services. You are happy with the results. More people participate in your training and activities or contact you to benefit from your expertise. Your membership is growing. The consumption of the strategic content you offer to your community is growing. Your board of directors is satisfied and your workers are happy. That's all well and good, but is your strategy fully aligned with your operations?

As the year comes to a close, we recommend that you take a moment to ensure that the positive impacts of your strategy are serving and synergizing with your internal processes and that you plan for any adjustments that may be required.

It is helpful to validate the following:

  • Review the processes surrounding the management of contact forms. How are these requests processed, tracked, categorized and integrated into your reports?
  • Ensure that your resources are up to date with the training required for the optimal use of your tools such as your CRM.
  • Review the different touch points your organization offers and ensure that all tracking and data collection processes are in place and followed.
  • Analyze your promotional processes to see if there is room for optimization.
  • Implement targeted actions to grow your database, including newsletter sign-ups.
  • Ensure that all Bill 25 compliance processes are in place.
  • Take an inventory of your organization's printed materials and consider making them available only in digital format.

This routine should be an integral part of your annual planning. While much of the data is automatically generated in your systems, it's important to check that it's being properly filled in and used by your resources.

Use your organizational data to grow and make your community shine

With your digital presence strategy in place, you now have access to your organization's critical data and information related to your stakeholders, such as your members, volunteers, donors and partners.

It is now easier for you to use this data to integrate targeted actions to attract, satisfy and retain your community. In the process, you will increase the relevance of your mission and being associated with your organization. Here are some possible actions:

  • Include a directory of members and partners on your website to promote synergy between them or to introduce your community members to the public by generating new opportunities for them.
  • In a context of labor scarcity, why not add to your strategy the possibility of sharing and promoting job offers in your community.
  • Create communications campaigns with personalized messages based on your subscribers' profiles.

Keep in mind that these initiatives are opportunities that can be linked to a business model that will contribute to your revenue growth.

You haven't put your strategy in place yet?

Riposte's experts in digital strategy for NPOs are here to help you develop it or to help you validate its performance and ensure its continuity. Don't hesitate to contact us.


Jean-François Dommerc

président - associé


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