On the way to ethical and responsible digital performance

On the way to ethical and responsible digital performance
Since the reorientation of our mission in 2019, we have come a long way! In a short time, we have become a reference marketing agency for the NPO sector. And we are very proud of it. The strategic support we provide to organizations that have a real impact on our community gives meaning to our work and allows us to explore and grow, both as a team and as individuals. Little did we know how much this specialization would change our paradigms and influence the direction of our organizational development.

The NPO sector is vast. It offers us the opportunity to deepen our understanding of social, community and association issues every day. We have the chance to look into and deepen our knowledge on various subjects that place us at the heart of the major issues of our society. Ethics and social inclusion, accessibility, responsible management and the reduction of ecological footprint are just some of the topics that are now an integral part of the mandates entrusted to us.

The exchanges that we have in this regard with our clients are rich in learning and influence our reflection on the consistency and impact of our own organizational actions.

Building an agency around a strong mission like that of Riposte allows us to consolidate our team around common values ​​and objectives. But, to embed a fully coherent discourse, we now feel we need to do more.

In this quest for consistency, we have decided to undertake a collective approach aimed at exploring and integrating responsible management practices into our operations and our service offering.

An important project begins...

To organize our project, we have decided to act primarily on two axes: awareness and measurement of our organizational impact as well as the evolution of our service offering.

Understanding and measuring our organizational impact

To structure our reflection, we will explore the B-Corporation standard, which currently includes nearly 4,800 companies across more than 78 countries. It makes it possible to measure the positive impact of organizations on their community in a structured approach that affects both operations and governance. We are at the beginning of this process and look forward to sharing our experience with you.

Developing our service offering

How do we introduce digital ethics and responsible management practices to our NPO clients when their plates are often already full? Our goal will be to support our clients in order to integrate these concepts in a structured way into the planning, visibility strategies and use of the digital space.

In addition, our efforts will be linked to specific and measurable performance objectives. The integration of these concepts will necessarily lead to new ways of measuring the impact and performance of the strategies we propose. For example, we will soon be integrating the notions of environmental and social impact into our strategic positioning projects in order to help our clients anchor their employer brand in an ethical approach to performance.

Transforming ourselves to change things

Deploying concrete means to multiply our positive impact allows us first of all to affirm our desire to influence, on our scale, the integration of a more inclusive, ethical and responsible vision of digital performance. The challenge is daunting and we have a lot to discover to achieve this vision.

Follow our blog to discover our progress in this new stage of our adventure.


Jean-François Dommerc

président - associé



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