Cancer Research


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Evolution of the brand

Creation of multiple websites

Video content creation

Creation of photo content

Over the years, Riposte has carried out many mandates for the Cancer Research Society (CRS). We have advised and supported the CRS to help them better establish a lasting dialogue with a new generation of donors through the various digital channels.


Our shared adventure began with the creation of the CRS main website. Over time, this relationship has evolved and we have been fortunate to play an important advisory role in their digital transformation.



Creation of Video and Photo Content

Changer le cours des choses



Creative direction and design-writing, video: Esther Thommasin

English Video Adaptation: Marcus Hildebrandt

Original Music: Simon P. Castonguay

Production: Samuel Caron — Telescope Films

Director: Vincent René-Lortie

Director of Photography: Alexandre Nour

Editing: Valerie Tremblay

Sound Design and Mixing: Nataq Huault - SPKR Studios

Colorization: Simon Boissonneaux

Corporate Photos


Microsites - 75th Anniversary
and Donation Campaigns


Annual Reports and Print Production

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