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A New Branding Strategy to Position Quebec's Financial Industry


Strategic Positioning and Branding
Brand Messaging
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Management of Communications, Events, and Training

Riposte has accompanied Finance Montreal in creating and deploying its new brand image aimed at revitalizing its communication strategy, enhancing its visibility, and mobilizing its stakeholders. To promote its industry, the Quebec financial services cluster turned to Riposte, its long-standing digital strategy partner.


Once the positioning mandate was concluded, Riposte undertook the redesign of the organization's website, which seamlessly integrates into Finance Montreal's technological ecosystem. The use of the Yapla technology platform allows data collected on various platforms to be available in a single environment, thereby facilitating their activation in the context of the organization's communication activities.

Add + Multiply

To define a positioning rooted in Finance Montreal's DNA, Riposte conducted a broad consultation with its members, employees, and partners. The slogan "Add + Multiply" was chosen to highlight the organization's role in pooling the expertise of its members to position the industry and multiply its positive impacts on our community.

A striking brand territory

To ensure the recognizability of the Finance Montréal brand and its various communication pillars, Riposte has developed a brand universe that allows for great versatility in its use. This brand universe integrates seamlessly with the various brands propelled by Finance Montréal.

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