Auto Prévention’s
digital presence strategy


Contributing to the health
and safety of workers in t
he automotive sector


Strategic analysis

Digital presence strategy

Website redesign

Content creation

Newsletter strategy

Performance measurement and monitoring

Auto Prévention is a joint sector-based association. The organization is responsible for promoting the operation and sound management of occupational health and safety in the automotive sector. In 2019, Auto Prévention called on Riposte to carry out a digital strategic planning exercise. The objective of the exercise was to provide Auto Prévention with a plan enabling it to use the various digital channels to increase its visibility and its number of interventions.


Once this step was completed, several actions quickly followed: the redesign of the main website, the development of a social norms guide to accelerate visual content creation for its social media presence strategy, and the establishment of a newsletter campaign. The organization can also count on Yapla’s powerful platform to manage its training courses, website, and communications all from a single and fully integrated location.


Auto Prévention’s presence in the digital space has shown growth in less than a year. It now maintains a constant connection with its community and industry workers can speak to live agents directly on their website.



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