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The Centre québécois d’éducation aux médias et à l’information (CQÉMI) is an initiative by Quebec journalists and various news media. The Center offers training, workshops and content that help citizens of all ages to be better informed and to fight against misinformation.


Sensitive to CQÉMI's mission, Riposte used its expertise to create the organization’s brand image and offer strategic advice allowing it to maximize its use of the digital space to further its mission. The new CQÉMI website offers a variety of content that helps the public protect themselves against fake news and shed light on what is true and what is false. Thanks to the use of the Yapla platform, the organization can finally manage in a single technological ecosystem, its data and its member relations, its trainers, its training courses, its website and its communications. In addition to simplifying the management of its business processes, CQÉMI can better control its technological costs and has access to sustainable and scalable technology allowing it to easily integrate new initiatives into its platform.

A website that integrates
all the services offered by the CQ-EMI
in a single technology


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