Station and Forum
Fintech Montréal


Development of a
digital ecosystem



Strategic analysis

Website development

Process automation and optimization

Data management


The FinTech Station and the FinTech Forum, both initiatives of Finance Montréal, share a mission to position Quebec in the global FinTech ecosystem. With the goal of increasing its efficiency, the organization gave Riposte the mandate of creating a set of sites capable of communicating with each other, making it possible to display common information and offer services to their community, such as event registrations.


The ecosystem also needed to incorporate both a member management and a database management process. With the ability to sort members by attribute, communications managers can now send targeted newsletter campaigns to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time, with just a few clicks.


Riposte advises Finance Montréal on many projects requiring the deployment and maintenance of a digital presence strategy to help them achieve their business objectives.


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