The Réseau d’enseignement
de la danse

Le Réseau d’enseignement de la danse

Preparing the Réseau
d’enseignement de la
danse for growth



Brand image

Needs analysis

Strategic and technical consulting


Website creation

The Réseau d’enseignement de la danse (RED) is a cultural organization supported by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications that brings together members from dance schools and dance teachers from all regions of Quebec and of all types of dance.


The project’s objective was to create a strong and distinctive brand image capable of supporting and affirming RED’s important role in recognizing the dance sector and its professionals in Quebec. The Réseau wanted the redesign of its website to be part of an integrated approach to retain members and give them a fulfilling experience, centralize its associative data, limit technological dispersion, and optimize its internal processes.


Éveil et créativité

Simplifying membership,
communications, and
access to training programs.


Promoting member

As part of its digital strategy, the Réseau wanted to integrate ways of promoting dance and its benefits and allow the public to find and learn about dance schools in their region. The new “La Troupe” portal will soon be launched to benefit RED’s members.

Véronique Clément
« Generosity, collaboration, listening, understanding, flexibility… those are just some of the words we use to describe the Riposte team. After working closely with you, I can say without any hesitation that your entire team is not only very competent and qualified, but also, and above all, very human. »

Véronique Clément

RED Managing Director

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